Finishing off 2015 with a bang

2015… We’re about to finish this year with a bang \m/

We’ve got only 2 shows left for this year and they’re both going to be massive.

December 5th – YE GODS OF METAL – New Globe Theater/ Brisbane. Alongside Chronolyth, Dragonsmead, Kyzer Soze, Tria Mera, Maiden Australia, Vessel Born and many more.

December 12th – METAL OBSESSION BIRTHDAY SHOW – The Tote/ Melbourne. Alongside Hybrid Nightmares, Rise of Avernus, SANZU,Myridian and many, MANY more.

Make sure you catch us at these shows and it’s going to be a little while until we’re playing the Eastcoast again. We’ll be busy organizing an epic 2016, so we hope to see you all join us in celebrating an epic end to 2015.


‘Choose your fighter…’ TShirt Pre Order

We’re excited to announce our newest piece of merch which celebrates both the people who help keep this band running, and of course, the nerdy origins we all come from.

We’re all pretty hardcore video game players here in OO, and we figured it’s about time we shared that passion in some visual media we can all enjoy.

If you’ve ever been a fan of old school fighting games, then this TShirt is a must have as we’ll only be printing a very limited amount of them.

EVERY pre-order will also recieve a special code to access a MEET THE PLAYERS exclusive section of our website dedicated to the fighters on the shirt.

Secure yours now before they run out quick

PRE ORDER NOW…/orpheus-omega-choose-your…/

* Artwork by the always amazing Tristan Tait Illustrations