Insomnium Australian Tour w/Orpheus Omega

We are extremely excited to announce that we will be joining Insomnium on their Winters Gate Australian tour.
We will be hitting Melbourne, Sydney and Melbourne and tickets and bundles are available right here:


It’s going to be an amazing tour and we will be unveiling a brand new song so be sure to get your tickets before these shows sell out!

Lacuna Coil Wrap Up and the remainder of 2016

So we have finally recovered from a weekend of gigs with the mighty Lacuna Coil, we had an absolute blast in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane and can’t wait to head out again soon. We want to thank Destroy all lines for putting on a great tour and all the awesome bands who we played with in Drown this City, Gods of Eden and Flynn Effect. We want to make a special mention to our bassist Nathan for pulling it together after a bought of Gastro to play the show in Brisbane, well done mate (that’s touring for yah).

As the end of the year approaches we have a few things still on the horizon we have a killer show Friday the 28th of October with Psycroptic, Hadal Maw, Hollow World, Blackhelm and Naberus.

As well as a Pre-Christmas metal night at Cherry Bar for Higgos Heavy Cherry VIII with Dreadnaught, Si Bon Ki Ra(SA) and Saralisse(NSW)

So come down to one or both these shows and have a blast with us!!

We also have some new goodies in the store and will be doing some deals closer to Xmas so keep your eyes peeled.

Stay metal, stay united and let’s mosh
Orpheus Omega

Did someone say NEW MERCH?

Check out our merch store and see the new additions we have this season.

A new pocket logo plain tee and reprints of our fast selling beanies have also been added to the mix. Grab yours while they’re still around. We also still have a small number of our Orpheus Omega – Revel in Oblivion posters available too.


Beanie LogoTee thumbnail_Orpheus Star Wars

Trivium “Silence In The Snow” Australian tour wrap up

The Trivium “Silence In The Snow” Australian tour is now officially wrapped up.

There are very few words that can help describe how incredible the last week has been on this tour. We’ve played to THE most incredible crowds we’ve ever come across, stretching all the way from Perth to Sydney, there was not a single dull moment, not a single mosh pit that wasn’t going off.

It has been an honour sharing the stage with Trivium, both them and there crew have been the most welcoming and kind people, so thank you so much for making us feel so welcome.

To everyone in our team in every state who helped make these shows possible, thank you ALL for your incredible help, we really can’t do it without you.

We want to thank Destroy All Lines and the numerous other people who helped make this opportunity possible for us, thank you for giving us the chance to do so.

And most importantly, to both old fans and new that we’ve gained in the last week. Thank you SO VERY MUCH for your incredible response and support across these shows. It really has been hands down the best tour we’ve been a part of and your actions have been nothing short of incredible for us. It’s more than what we could have asked for

To the many folks who unfortunately missed out on merch that we ran out of on tour, check out the webstore where you can check out everything we have available now.

Again, we can’t thank you all enough for what an incredible week it’s been.

We look forward to what we’ll be bringing you next from Orpheus Omega very soon \m/