Archways Across Asia goes Live

We have officially released Archways Across Asia today, be sure to head over to our store to order your copy today. And while your there grab an official Archways Across Asia tour T-shirt* or a Sound Walrus Limited Edition T-shirt*.

Orpheus-Omega-Archways-Across-Asia 1599057_10152501021562049_6341633746080928514_o Sound-Walrus-Tee

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Orpheus Omega welcome Nathan Mesiti

We’re excited to officially announce the addition of the newest member to the Orpheus Omega family. Nathan Mesiti will be officially taking the role of Bassist going forward and we look forward to what the future brings from the band’s newest incarnation.

Nathan’s first time on stage with us will be at the Trendkill Magazine 1st Birthday show at the Reverence Hotel on December 13th.

Not only will this be our only Australian show until 2015, we’ll also be debuting a BRAND NEW track from our upcoming 3rd album.

Thank you all for your ongoing support through every step of the band’s journey,
Chris, Joao, Kes, Matt and Nathan,
Orpheus Omega

Orpheus Omega

Dan’s departure from Orpheus Omega

Orpheus Omega regret to announce the departure of Dan Ralph.

For personal reasons Dan has chosen to leave Orpheus Omega, and we wish him nothing but the best in all of his future musical and personal endeavors. 

We’d like to take the chance to thank Dan for coming in when he did to help us out at a time where we needed it most, and furthermore, for his time with us over the last year as a full time member.

With that said, we will be announcing our newest member this Sunday. He will be taking the reins at this most opportune time as we begin to record for our upcoming 3rd album.

We look forward to unleashing new music on you all soon and look forward to seeing what our newest member of the family will bring to the mix.

Thank you all for the continuous support,
Chris, Joao, Kes, Matt,
Orpheus Omega

Archways Across Asia DVD

We are pleased to unveil the cover art and tracklisitng for the Archways Across Asia DVD.

The artwork was done by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity/Cabin Fever Media)

And we are stoked with what he has delivered and we hope you love it as much as we do.

Track listing:
1. The Deconstruct – Wuhan/ China
2. Winds Of Change – Guangzhou/ China
3.Neath (the shadow of the monolith) – Busan/ South Korea
4. Fragments – Wake Up Festival/ Taiwan
5. Common Enemy – Wuhan/ China
6. Archways – Kaohsiung/ Taiwan
7. De6enerate – Wuhan/ China
8. Elegant Deceit – Guangzhou/ China
9. A Thousand Times – Kaohsiung/ Taiwan
10. Unscathed – Wake Up Festival/ Taiwan
11. ResIllusion – Hong Kong
12. The Abhorrent – Wuhan/ China
13. Sans Memoria – Changsha/ China
14. Sealed In Fate – Wake Up Festival/ Taiwan