“ORPHEUS OMEGA’s interpretation of Death Metal comes across in refreshing, aggressive and highly melodic manner. The group combines tradition and pinches of modern sounds in very demanding style and adds some experimental elements. 9/10”
Nocturnal Hall
“When news was released that their sophomore full-length album ResIllusion would soon be released, expectations were already at a certain height. I’ll get this out of the way now, ResIllusion does not disappoint”.
Metal Obsession
” A triumph over their previous album Bleed the Way which was already a remarkable debut by anyone’s standards. The entire album is an aural onslaught from start to finish”
Heavy Mag

ResIllusion – 2013

ResIllusion is the follow up to the 2011 debut, ‘Bleed The Way’. ResIllusion shows the band come into their own sound, honing the elements that made their debut a critical success.
With blaring riffs, catchy melodic hooks thunderous drumming and diverse vocals, ResIllusion proves that Orpheus is continuing to cement their own name and style into this era of Melodic Death Metal.

1. The Deconstruct
2. Corridors
3. The Abhorrent
4. Elegant Deceit
5. ResIllusion
7. Sans Memoria
8. The Hypocrisy
9. Fragments
10. Archways

Bleed The Way -2011

‘Bleed The Way’, the highly anticipated debut album for the band. 10 tracks representing the bands ‘coming into their own’ sound. The culmination of 2 years writing and recording, featuring guests such as Vile Viljanen of Mors Principium Est and Steve Janevski and Hanny Mohammed of Black Majesty.

1. Neath ( The Shadow Of The Monolith)
2. Winds Of Change (Feat. Ville Viljanen of Mors Principium Est)
3. Unscathed
4. Common Enemy
5. Face Of Vengeance
6. Societies Of Steel
7. Sealed In Fate
8. For All It’s Worth (Feat. solos by Steve Janevski and Hanny Mohammed Of Black Majesty)
9. A Thousand Times
10. Grin Of Madness

So It Begins… – 2009

‘So It Begins…’, Orpheus’ E.P and first release. The E.P showcases the bands beginnings and first 6 songs.

1. ‘So It Begins…’
2. The Hypocrisy
3. Common Enemy
4. Minds Betrayal
5. Creed Of Ulfilas
6. A Thousand Times